To All Storytellers . . .

I love stories. 

I love reading them. I love watching them. I love listening to them. I love discovering them. And I love creating them. But most of all, I love studying them. I believe that stories are like windows. They come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes those windows are tinted or translucent. Sometimes they are broken. Sometimes they are made of stained glass. And other times they are crystal clear. However, whatever forms these story-windows take, they provide unique views into their creators’ souls. 

And I love that!

Stories are these incredible concoctions of all aspects of people. All of their triumphs. Their pasts. Their dreams. Their fears. Their failures. Their beliefs. Their values. Their imaginations. Their senses of humor. Everything. All of these things mingle together inside a person’s head, and then that person blends them into something beautiful and shares the result with the world. 

That is how a story is born.

There’s more to the story-making process, of course. There are countless hours of hard work and thankless creation that occur behind the scenes of every good story. There are rejections and pain and frustration and elation. However, when you boil it all down, the essences of all stories are basically the same: when you meet a story, you meet its creator. 

Now, stories include so much more than the books we read or the movies we watch. Music, visual art, websites, apps, fashion, architecture — anything created — are all stories. Everything we see and use around us was created by at least one someone, and we meet all those someones as we come in contact with their creations. 

So thank you to all the storytellers out there. Thank you to everyone who is willing to be so vulnerable as to share themselves with the world in the forms of their creations. It’s not an easy thing to do. It takes great courage and passion and confidence, but by telling stories, you leave your mark upon the world, and you make it a richer place. 

Now a word of caution:

All of this comes with steep responsibility. The world will change once your creation is in it, so create wisely. Help make the world better. Foster goodness. Condemn evil. Encourage kindness. Speak the truth. 

And may you be blessed for doing so.

So here’s to all the people out there who create for a living, as well as to all those who (perhaps even more admirably) create without extrinsic rewards — those who create simply because the stories bubble up and need to be released. May you always find joy in your creations, and may you continue to change the world by sharing your beautiful selves.

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