Progress to Degree Tool

Project Goal: Create a prototype of a new tool students at Brigham Young University can use to register for classes and track their progress to their degrees.

In the first meeting with my client, we discussed the mandate that he received to create this product, and we brainstormed ideas of what we would like to see in the tool and what we thought students would want from the tool. From this meeting, I took away ideas that I turned into a simple paper prototype.

Progress to Degree paper prototypes and notes.
Progress to Degree paper prototypes and notes

I ran this paper prototype by my client and other stakeholders, gathered their feedback, and I then created a digital wireframe to test with actual BYU students.

Based on the feedback I received from students and stakeholders, I fleshed out the wireframe into a high-fidelity prototype. I then tested this prototype, revised, and retested it through two additional significant iterations.

I submitted the final prototype to my client, along with detailed written reports from each round of testing. The tool is currently being built based on the final prototype.