Happy Belated New Year!

Well. It’s a new year. That means I should probably write another blog post.

So here it is!

Actually, a lot of really cool stuff has happened in the past few months. I am now in the thick of my new job as a UX researcher/designer for BYU, and I love it! I love being a voice for the people as I design and redesign apps and websites for the university. It’s a super rewarding job, and I hope I can stay in this field for a long time.

I also presented the book I helped put together (Creativity and Innovation in Education. You can read it here if you want. I think there’s some pretty good stuff in it!) at AECT last October in Kansas City, MO. That was an incredible experience, and I loved every minute of that adventure!

The view from my hotel in Kansas City. It’s a lovely city, and I hope to get the chance to visit again someday.

I also finished the draft of my second Essences novel in October. I am currently looking for beta readers, so if you are interested, please let me know! I can’t finish it without your help!

In other writing news, I am taking a writing workshop class taught by bestselling author Brandon Sanderson. This class is amazing! I have a fantastic writing group that I meet with on a weekly basis, and every few weeks Brandon himself will join us in reading and critiquing our work. I have already learned so much in the past few weeks since the class started, and I am super excited about the project I am working on (I’m not going to say anything about it yet, but hopefully soon I will be able to provide some more information).

So yeah, I’ll try to post more often than every six months, but once again, I won’t make any promises. May peace, love, and blessings rain down on you all!

P.S. Here’s a map of Yastrathana, the world from the Essences books. Sorry it’s not the best quality. I’ll try to get a better one included in the second book.