Clocking In/Out App

Project Goal: Redesign the BYU Y-Time app to make it is easier for student employees to clock in/out.

This project started when the project manager of the BYU mobile app development team came to me with research saying that BYU student employees were having difficulty using the current slider feature to clock in and out of their jobs.

Screenshot of how the Y-Time app looked before the redesign
How the app looked before the redesign

I began creating prototypes based on the information the project manager shared with me. However, as I created these prototypes and shared them with the project manager and other stakeholders, these various stakeholders came to me on numerous occasions with new suggestions for the design, and they asked me to redo the design based on their suggestions. Since it was such a simple design, I honored these requests; however, this resulted in the creation of many different prototypes.

Finally, I decided to take no more suggestions. I was going to test a few of the most-liked designs against the current version of the app with actual BYU student employees to see what direction they thought we should be going.

Y-Time redesign testing notes
Testing notes

This testing showed me that students preferred buttons to the slider, and they wanted colors to help them see when they were clocked in and out. However, I knew we couldn’t rely on color alone for accessibility reasons, so I was trying to come up with a new design that would incorporate colors as well as some other way besides words to show when student employees were clocked in and out. I had another meeting with the project manager and stakeholders to discuss the results, but before the meeting, one of the app engineers approached me and showed me a new design:

App engineer's new design for Y-Time
The design the engineer showed me. I take no credit for this design.

I was ecstatic! This design used colors, but it utilized radio buttons in a very accessible manner to also show whether a student employee was clocked in or out. During the meeting, I showed the results from my user testing, the designs I tested, and this new design to the project manager and stakeholders, and we all agreed to conduct one more round of testing, testing this new design against the original design.

I conducted this test, and student employees highly favored the new design over the original. This design was built and released, and I have heard no complaints concerning the new design.

Y-Time Before and After