BYU Account Creation Process

Project Goals: (1) Redesign the BYU account creation process to look nicer, be simpler, and only ask for information the university truly needs. (2) Create a new tool where BYU account holders can easily view and manage their personal information.

This project originally started out as two separate projects: one project for each of the above-stated project goals. Both projects began with initial meetings with project managers and other stakeholders to discuss problems and goals and to brainstorm ideas as to how these goals could be met.

BYU account creation meeting notes.
BYU account creation meeting notes

The first project, redesigning the BYU account creation process, concerned updating this site:

Current BYU account creation site
Current BYU account creation site (yes, all the empty white space above is part of the site). Click the image above to see a larger version.

The project manager wanted to update the site to look better and to only ask for needed information, and I created paper prototypes, got feedback from the project manager and other clients on the paper prototypes, and then created a digital prototype to be tested with BYU students.

The second project, creating a new site called MyAccount where BYU account holders can easily view and manage their personal information, was a bit more straightforward. After the meeting with this project manager and other clients, I created a digital prototype that went through a number of revisions based on feedback from the project manager before being tested with BYU students.

MyAccount digital prototype
MyAccount digital prototype

However, shortly after testing the digital prototypes for both of these projects, the project manager from the MyAccount project took over the account creation project as well. As part of this shift, we decided to combine both projects into one larger project, and I created an entirely new digital prototype, redesigning both projects based on the project manager’s new feedback. This new tool would take people, after creating a BYU account, directly to the redesigned MyAccount page.

I tested this new tool with BYU students, and the results were favorable. Students liked the look of the new sites, found them to be simple to use, and thought that the information asked for and shown was what they expected.

Testing notes
Testing notes

I then wrote up a report, updated the prototype, and sent both items to the project manager. The site has been developed, and a link to one of the original Adobe XD prototypes can be found here.