A Brief Update

So . . . Remember when I said that I couldn’t promise a set schedule for when these posts would appear? Yeah. I don’t have a set schedule.

However, a ton of stuff has happened since I last wrote, so here is my attempt to give a small update. I took a class by the bestselling author Brandon Sanderson last semester. Best. Class. Ever! Oh my heck, I learned so much! I have been working on my second Essences book, and I have been making some good progress. I hope to have it all drafted out by the end of the summer, so if anyone reading this (if anyone is reading this in the first place) is interested in beta-reading, let me know!

I also helped put together another book last year (this one’s not a novel. This one is a textbookesque online book of articles on the subject of creativity and innovation. You can check it out here).¬† My team and I applied to present this book, and the series of which it is a part, at the conference of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT for short) this year, and we were accepted! I will be heading out to Kansas City in October to present this book, and I can’t wait!

In other news, I recently got back from a cruise (where I got to eat all the ice cream I wanted, see porpoises swimming next to our boat, and finally explore another country!) and a trip to Atlanta, Georgia (where I got to actually fly an airplane, watch someone catch a shark, and drink all the Coca-Cola products in the whole world!). Both trips were incredible experiences, and I would go back in a heartbeat!

But now it’s back to real life! I got a new job working as a User Experience Designer for Brigham Young University, and I love it! I’ll probably explain more about that later. I’ve got to leave something for future posts!

Well, thanks for reading! I hope all your greatest wishes are granted (as long as they’re positive wishes and help make the world a better place)!